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Friday 14 May 2010

Sunshine Award!

Hi everyone,

Dora has very kindly given me this award! Thankyou so much!  This my first award in quite a while, so it's even more appreciated!

The rules are that I link to the person who gave me the award and to nominate other blogs to award it to.  As always, it's very tough choosing some blogs when so many are fab!

Here goes, in no particular order:
Take care all, 


scrappyjacky said...

Thank you so much,Lou.

Mandy said...

Aww thank you hun
hugs Mandy xx

Lori said...

Got it!!! Thank you sooooo much, my friend :) So happy that you had a wonderful time in Florida, but glad to have you back in blogland! You're engagement pic is soooo adorable!

Love and hugs ~

P.S. You've brought back quite a HAUL of craft goodies!

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