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Monday 22 June 2009

Lynn and Mark's wedding card

I've been making this card for my friends wedding day using scrap pieces left over from her wedding dress. I cannot tell you how difficult I found it sticking the netting stuff to the card. I used vellum dots, but it was a mission! Her bridesmaid dresses were olive green so I thought the ribbon was quite appropriate! I hope she likes it.
I have been doing a Tatty Teddy cross stitch as the wedding present, which unfortunately, I haven't managed to finish yet, but I'm getting there. Many problems with it! When its finished, I will show it off to you all. I am pleased with it, as its my first proper cross stitch. I didn't enjoy doing it though, at all!
Mark and I had a lovely evening on Saturday at the wedding, and I really enjoyed getting all dressed up, as it doesn't happen very often! I also saw people I used to work with a few years ago before I moved away, who I hadn't seen since I left, and it was lovely to catch up.

I had some great news today. Went to my Rosemary Conley class and received my 2nd stone certificate. 2 stone in 6 months, I am ever so slightly proud! hehe! Only 1-2 more to go and ill be at my ideal weight!
Anyway, I hope to make some cards tomorrow, and start getting back into regular blogging asap, im dying to get into my craft room! Its been a while!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Finally, an afternoon of crafting for the first time in weeks!

Well, I have finally managed to get an afternoon of crafting for the first time in weeks. I have missed it so much! Thanks to Katie for sending me these lovely spring Tilda stamped images, I love using them! I've made this card for my friend's birthday which is next week. We have been friends since we were in play school, so I wanted to make her a special card. I don't think you can see it on the picture, but I did actually hand stitch silver and pink thread around the border of the card, which took me a while. Think I'll get the sewing machine out next time! Ha!

Well, this evening I will be doing some more on my Tatty Teddy Wedding cross stitch. I am making it as a wedding present for my friends who are getting married on the 20th, and I haven't even got half way through it yet as I've put it off as it wasn't going to well!! I made the mistake of taking it around to my Gran's house about a month ago and thought I would do some while watching TV. Unfortunately my gran decided to talk to me instead and I missed out a section of the swing and its really bodged it up, and I have been putting off unpicking it, but I will have to tonight as D-day is approaching, faster than I'd like!! I also have to try and master french knot's, but I just know it's not going to happen! haha.....oh well!

Have a good evening all! Wish me luck! I'm going to need it.........

Sunday 7 June 2009

I won another award, this time for bloggers that show great attitude and gratitude!

Yay, i've won another fab award. Thanks so much Katie, very sweet of you to pass this onto me.

Well I need to pass this award onto some lucky people now, who's blogs I think show 'great attitude and gratitude'!

They are the following, in no particular order:

1. Katie
2. Susie
3. Han
4. Sharon
5. Jacky
6. Jo
7. Julie

Friday 5 June 2009

I won the May Jolly Nation pet challenge! Yipeee!

Hi everyone,

I entered the May Jolly Nation Pet challenge over on Craftbubble and just checked out who the winners were and was surprised to see my name was down! It's such a confidence boost when you find out you have won a crafty challenge, im so pleased with myself! hehe If some of you peeps entered, head over to the Craftbubble group and check out if you were a runners-up! Well done to all that entered, the cards were all amazing and John must have had a really hard time choosing the winners and runner-ups!

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