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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Thanks for my Birthday Cards! x

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Debbie, Jacky and Dora for my lovely cards that I received for my Birthday on Sunday! I was thoroughly spoilt by my family and got everything I wanted! hehe I had my family over for a nice BBQ and fortunately it was scorching hot for most of the day, until I had my birthday cake, when it drizzled a bit! But we still sat outside anyway!lol
I have got lots of money to spend on craft goodies, which I started to spend on Sunday! haha Just waiting for all the deliveries to arrive! I got my Artymiss delivery yesterday and received a Making Memories Vintage Chic Bumper Pack for £15 with over £60 worth of goodies in! Bargain! Can't wait to use it! I also bought some paper stacks, as I am addicted to pretty paper....! I have way to much, but just keep buying...!Oops! It was 50% off!
Anyway, I'm going to spend the day in my craft room today, so hopefully ill have some lovely new creations to post up on here soon.
Have a good week all, and don't get to burnt!

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