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Friday 17 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Hi everyone,

Who else has read Fifty Shades of Grey? Did you enjoy it? I stalled and stalled, didn't want to be a sheep, but eventually caved and read the trilogy within a week because I simply had to find out what all the fuss was about!!  I couldn't put it down depsite finding it a little repetative and not all that well written in places!!   I did find myself thinking that a lot of what was written was very english, despite the characters being american. An american would not say half the phrases written!  Did anyone else find that? Any american friends wonder what the heck something meant?
However, I'm now looking forward to seeing the film when it eventually comes out!

Who do we think should play the lead parts? Jessie Pavelka or Matthew Bomer or takes my vote for Christian Grey. Swoooooooon!
I think for Anastasia Steele it's a bit more tricky!! I think Lilly Collins would suit really well. I am not sure Emma Watson is right for the part, but thats just my personal opinion!  See what I mean with the pics below?  I just can't see it!

So, onto the point of this post!! My sexy card! ;o)  Oh yes, we have an Anastasia Steele like digi here.  A massive thanks to Krista of Saturated Canary who designed this digi for all us Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there!  This image is called Grey Tie.  I think it's great!  I've been trying to practice 'glossy hair' on my images lately (more to come!) and this was probably my 10th attempt!!! No jokes!  I did not find it easy, but I think I have finally got there.  I am pretty happy with the result anyway.

I had to buy myself some naughty handcuff embellishments for this card.  It would be rude not to! ;o)


White Square Card
Embossed card with damask design
Freebie Papers - Red and Black patterned
Saturated Canary digi - Grey Tie
Handcuff charms - Ebay
Heart Charms - 99p Store
Diamantes - Ebay

Right now, I have no idea who I would give this card to, but someone might like to buy it!  I just really enjoyed making it!  It's not my usual style.

Just to finish off, this really made me laugh, and is relevant to my subject......!

...yeah, good luck with that one, love! haha

Have a fab weekend everybody and thanks for popping by! :o)

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