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Friday 22 January 2010

Hot Foil Print Wizard - my FAB Xmas pressie!

Mark, my OH bought me this fab tool for Xmas, and after a few goes I think I have pretty much mastered it!
It really makes your cards look professional, you can buy it from these people:

What you do (from top left to right):

  1. Start with Wording printed on Vellum from computer, Special Silver Foil, Item you plan to print on which for me was velvet style card and of course the Wizard itself which is heating up!  
  2. Stick with tape,the layered vellum word, foil then card.  
  3. Start writing with the Hot Foil Print Wizard fairly slowly on top of the vellum.
  4. Once you have finished that you get an indent in the vellum so you can see where you have been..or not!
  5. Silver foil has been melted onto card.
  6. Lift vellum and foil up to see what writing has come out like and if you have missed any bits! (I had'nt fortunately, but if I had you can stick it back down and go over the bits you have missed - fairly easy!)

Hope that makes sense! It does take some practice and shakey hands are not good! lol



Katie L Oakley said...

It looks very technical hun lol But the finish result looks lovely :) xxx

pinky said...

Sounds great lou, have seen these before but not see the finished product, looks really professional. Was it expensive I wonder, must take a wee look.

Loz said...

Looks great! Lucky you getting one for Xmas... I've never seen one before, sure you'll have lots of fun!

Debs M said...

looks fab, hope we see lots more examples x

Lori said...

Make us some cards with your new toy, Lou :D I've never heard of the Hot Foil Print Wizard. It sounds fun!
Sending you great big hugs ~
Lori xx

Sharon Noble said...

Look's fab , I don't know why you can't find me you seem to be on my follower list.

That card will be given to hubby if he remembers to buy me flowers :O) *wink*

Huggies Sharon xx

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Wow! That looks amazing! Lucky you!

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