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Monday 4 May 2009

Mark's Birthday BBQ and Bank Holiday Monday!

Well it was a lovely sunny weekend, and the BBQ for Mark's birthday went well! I have eaten far to much, and will heavily pay for it this week by probably putting on a few lbs!! Ah well, no more treats for me for the rest of the week!! I actually caught the sun on Saturday and have a bit of a tan mark where my watch was!hehe It was nice not having to cook for everyone for a change, and Mark seemed to enjoy playing the 'chef' for the day, although I did help him out a little bit! We had Marks family over on Saturday (8 altogether), my family over on Sunday (only 3 - few!) and mine also stayed over the night so we could all go to the town fayre today. We didn't stay long due to it raining the whole time, which was a shame, but we stayed long enough for the dog show and donkey race with fake jockeys! It was rather hilarious to watch! Half just stopped and ate the grass, others ran and some lost there jockeys! All good fun!I am totally worn out now after such a busy weekend, and think I will have a nice lie in tomorrow before sorting the house out and getting back to normal! I just wanted to show off a few pictures from this weekend and Bank Holiday Monday. Makes a bit of a change from having just card on my blog too! First one is the Birthday boy himself. Second is Marks Dad, Mark and me. Third is my lovely new decking that Mark built all by himself - how clever is he!?
It's been a 'work in progress' since last summer, and finally its finished!! Fourth, fifth and sixth pic's are at the local pub, having a nice bank holiday Monday meal which we had with my parents and gran.
Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and have a great week, whatever you get up to!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend....we had a barbeque Sat. as well...couldn't believe the change in weather by Sunday.

crazyforcrafts said...

sopunds like you had a great tiome and thorouly enjoyed yourselfs

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