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Friday, 3 April 2009

My first attempt at Cross Stitching!

Well, I never thought I would see this day...........but, I have compleated my first cross stitch! yipeee! It's not perfect, but for a first go, I'm pretty pleased with it, and myself!! The black outline was tricky and the instructions didn't really tell me what to do, so its a bit messy unfortunately. It also didn't tell me what to do with the thread once you have finished, so I just doubled it under the loop of the last stitch....hope that's right?! hehe

So what do you think?

Luv Lou xx


Katie-Louise Oakley said...

Awww thats great! you'll soon be stitching huge projects before you know it ;)

Janpear said...

It's great.I bought this one too from hobbycraft but I cant do backstitch :) yours is how I want mine to look x

Saskia said...

Lovely stitching!


Susie Sugar said...

Great stitching Lou really pretty.
Hve you been over to my blog lately ??
I think you should !!!
love Susie xx

scrappyjacky said...

It's always good to try something'll soon be a dab hand at it....and cross stitch can make great presents.

Cherry said...

Looking good. You'll be on to bigger projects before you know it. XXX

Julie said...

That's really good Lou. The main thing is whether you enjoyed making it or not. If you did, i look forward to seeing lots more.
Julie x

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