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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Mark's Uncle asked me to make a Bob the Builder card for his Grandson, Sam who is turning 3 at the end of May, and I thought instead of finding a picture on Google Images and then decoupaging it myself, why not print out a kiddies colouring page and have a bit of fun with my ProMarkers and then decoupage it!? I did have a bit of a 'claw' at the end of it from colouring in for a few hours, but I think it was worth it and it was fun! I'm not entirely sure how much to sell it for. It's always a bit difficult when its family and friends, isn't it? It must have taken me about 3 hours to make, is that ridiculously long? haha

It was lots of fun at my house this evening! We have a well established wasp nest right in the brick work next to my craft room windowsill outside, and I told Mark he had to get rid of it before my parents come over and stay on Sunday as my mum likes to have the window open at night and although the waspy's should be sleeping then, I don't think its worth the risk! So, as we have a conservatory below my room, you cant get a ladder to it, so poor Mark had to hang out of the window dressed head to toe in protective clothing in case the wasps decided to get rather angry once the foam was sprayed into there nice new home! He did look rather funny, and I wish I had taken a picture. I thought the netting over his face really added the finishing touch...haha! I think he managed to get most of the foam down the brick work rather than in the hole, so we will see if it this space! lol

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scrappyjacky said...

If you were a scrapbooker you would definately have taken piccys and made a page!!!!
Love the card.

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