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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pear Tree Designs has been hacked......

Hi everyone,

Donna has asked the DT to let you all know that the challenge blog has been hacked into, as has the email account associated with it, and unfortunately Donna is unable to sign into either and sort out the winner of challenge 25 and put up challenge 26 for you all!

Please bear with Donna while she is trying to rectify the problem

Llook out for challenge 26 on my blog, and the other DT's blog's tomorrow, but you just won't be able to add your card until the challenge blog is sorted.


Suzi said...

How Awful is this,I wish Donna well in trying to rectify it. What is the point of hacking into a challenge blog. Some people never cease to amaze me at the trouble they cause for no apparant reason. I hope things return to normal soon.
Suzi x

Gina L said...

That's awful! I will never understand why people feel the need to do such petty, mean things. I hope she gets it resolved soon. What a hassle for her!

Kathyk said...

It's a stupid thing to do (hack in to someone elses blog) and you have to wonder why these people can't think of something better to do with their time. Thanks for the update and let's hope Donna is able to get it sorted quickly.


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