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Friday, 13 March 2009

Exploding Box!

I was reading one of my many crafty magazines and came across this excellent idea just before Xmas. My friend was leaving for France for a year and I wanted to make her something special that would remind her of our friendship and close friends. So I thought I would make this exploding box, entiltied 'Bon Voyage'!
I had some lovely travel embellishments and papers to use up so after sticking it all together I then added some photos of us through the years! I thought it would be nice to also wish her lots of luck by sticking a 4 leaf clover on the inside of the lid. Just to finish it off, I stuck a lovely big gold bow on the top of the lid so it looked like a present.
My friend was really pleased with it and was clearly moved at the time and effort id put into making it. Only the other day did she mention how lovely it was, and its been about 6 months since she left for France and she still has it out on display!
I hope you like it and maybe have a go yourselves. It can obviously be used for any occassion! There are plenty of templates around on the internet.
Have fun!
Luv Lou xx


Susie Sugar said...

Oh it looks fabby darling , I bet you are really pleased with it, put all those web addresses I gave you in your favourites as they all add me stuff regular so you will be able to check back on them when you want a change, I love your boxes too,
Love Susie xx

scrappyjacky said...

This is lovely....your friend must have loved it.

Cherry said...

This is a fab idea - your friend must have loved it. Love your work. XXX

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