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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Even More Polar Bear Cuteness....!

Well, after staying up rather late last night finishing off Christmas cards for people I was supposed to be seeing today, with a very sore neck, the stupid snow has ruined my plans!!!  My family are unable to drive up to see Mark and I and go out for our yummy early Christmas lunch down at the local restaurant!  I am SO disappointed! :o(!  Never mind.  I just hope it doesn't happen next weekend when we are due to go down South, otherwise, Christmas will officially be ruined for us!  At least we have each other.  But for me Christmas is about spending time with all of those you love.

Anyway, here are the 2 cards I made last night.  They will have to wait to be given to the recipients on Christmas Day!

Can't wait to make some more later on!! Will cheer me up.

Thanks for popping over and please leave a comment as I love reading them! :o)


cabio's craft corner said...

These cards are so precious and adorable. How sweet :o)

Kathyk said...

Smashing cards Lou and I do hope that your plans weren't too ruined by the snow and that you've both enjoyed your Christmas - however (and wherever) you ended up spending it.

Happy New Year


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