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Sunday, 6 December 2009

I have been given the Kreativ Blogger Award!

A big thankyou goes to the lovely Lori for sending me this award, which is very much appreciated!!  It just so happens she also won my Blog Candy today too!!

Here's what I'm supposed to do:
  1.  Post a link back to the person who sent me this award!
  2.  Post 7 interesting facts about me!
  3.  Send this on to another 7 favorite blog sites and say why!
  4.  Let my fav bloggers know they've received this award!
I will do the rest of the above after i've published this post!

7 Interesting facts about moi are:

  1. I have lost 3 stone since January through Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness - v. proud!
  2. I can play the Piano fairly well..!
  3. I cried like a baby when I ripped half my toenail off back in August and passed out twice!
  4. Like Lori, I to am addicted to craft shopping and could quite easily do it all day, everyday!
  5. I have always wanted to drive an HGV!!
  6. When I was a baby I had Pyloric Stenosis, which has left a big 12cm scar on my tummy!
  7. I am very interested in family history and have researched back to the early 1600's!

7  Favorite blog sites (in no particular order) I am sending this award to and why are:
  1. Kat has become a really great friend to me, even though we have not yet met! I love her blog because its always has such funky creations!
  2. Katie ,who I also consider a good friend, and whos blog is full of fantastic creations from cards to yummy cakes!!! 
  3. Hannah blog is so pretty and pink! She always has amazing cards. 
  4. Susies blog I probably visit the most as she has fantastic challenges that I always want to enter when I have time, and I find her creations inspirational! She's a lovely lady too!
  5. Sharons blog is always fun to read and I love to hear about her adorable Collie, Ben who sounds like a little star!  Sharon blog is also full of cute cards!
  6. Jackie always has beautiful creations on her blog!
  7. Lori has a wonderful blog which I am new to, but from what i've seen so far she has beautiful cards and i'm looking forward to having more of a look around!
Few! That took me way to long!!! Very difficult choices, I really have a lot more fav blogs than 7!!!

Thanks again Lori.

Merry Christmas everyone!


scrappyjacky said...

Thanks so much for this award,Lou....really glad you like my blog.

Susie Sugar said...

Thanks Lou you are a sweetie darling
I will put it on the challenge blog as you like our challenges so much
thank you again xxx
Love Susie xx

Anonymous said...

this can be a job for monday boredom!!

hmm definately gotta sleep on it!!

thanks, Katx

Lori said...

WHAT!!! Thank you for sending ME this award - that was incredibly sweet of you :)

...and I won your CANDY? Yay!!!! I shall sneek a peek at your profile to see if I can find your email to let you know where to post my goodies :) Oh I am so very very excited!
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Lori said...

Hmmm... can't seem to find your e-mail! Here's mine:

I'm sorry if it's right in front of my nose - lol! I just can't see it...

Love and hugs ~ Lori xx

Lori said...

Hi Lou! I replied to your email. I hope it's not too late...

Love and hugs ~ Lori xx

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