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Friday, 7 August 2009

I LoVe your blog award!

Well, it appears its my month for blog awards, and this has made me a very happy crafter!

Thanks to Maddie for giving me this award. Sorry it's taken me a while to pick it up xx

In no particular order, I award the I Love your Blog award to the following people as they all have inspiring blogs and I love looking at all there wonderful creations!:

1. Maddie
2. Katie
3. Han
4. Kat
5. Sharon
6. Susie
7. Jacky
8. Jane
9. Jo

Pass this award on to 5-10 people who's blogs you love, and don't forget to inform them!

Please leave me a message so I know you have picked up your award.


Craftyhan said...

And this one too! :o) xx

Jane said...

Another one for me! Fab, really chuffed that people like my creations!

Susie Sugar said...

Now Lou your are spoiling me !!! what a lovely lady you are thank you
Love Susie xxxx

Doodles said...

Thank you so much for my awards xxxxx i will treasure them.

Hugs Sharon xxx

crazyforcrafts said...

thanks xxxxxx

scrappyjacky said...

Thank you so much for this,Lou....I really enjoy visiting your blog....even though I don't always comment....very naughty I know!!

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